CBD Oil...There's no such thing!

Not a day goes by you don't read or hear something about CBD oil. Nowadays there's everything from pet treats to chewing gum. Not to mention the salves, anti-aging products, and other new products available. 

That's a lot of hype. 

So, we thought we would address some misconceptions and myths with a consumer advocate series. 

Today, we're starting off with the big one. It's a doozy, too. 

There is no such thing as CBD Oil. 

That's right. CBD is a molecule, not an oil. According to a November 1st, 2018 Harvard University article, it's just 1 molecule of over 113 found in both Cannabis and Hemp. 

We call these 113 molecules Cannabinoids (Cabbies for short). Yes...CBD and its famous cousin, THC are both Cabbies. The difference being that THC gives that euphoric feeling that's so well known, while CBD does not. 

Cannabis and hemp are, in fact, the same "plant" say the scientists…legally speaking. Yet hemp plants; ratio-wise, contain much less, if any, THC. These are two totally different herbs.

And, if you're in the wrong state, one of these can land you in the Hoosegow. So, we'll only be addressing hemp-derived products! 

The real legal difference, of course, is the amount of THC contained in the plant. Hemp, by law, has to have less than .3% THC. 

As far as your body knows, however, it has no idea where the CBD came from nor does it care. The ratio of CBD in the oil is 100 times more important than where it came from. 

Besides the ratio of CBD molecules to THC molecules, the "what else" in the Hemp oil makes a HUGE difference. There should be other cannabinoids included. CBG, CBN, and terpenes, to name a few, should also be in the mix. These make for a more well-rounded hemp product. 

Why is that? 

CBG is in testing for its potential in treating Crohn's and inflammatory bowel disease. CBN shows promise for its potential symptom relief of Rheumatoid arthritis and seizures. And, the most influential factors…terpenes show the potential to boost the therapeutic effects of CBD. How's that for a start? (Of course, the rabbit hole goes much deeper.) 

So, what is it exactly people are talking and reading about? 

"CBD Focused Cannabinoid and Terpene Rich Hemp Oil." 

Wow, that-is-a-mouthful. Bet you can't say that fast 3 times! 

To be fair, this definition is accurate, but it's more of an umbrella statement for a wide-ranging spectrum of CBD focused Hemp Oil products. 

The best and only way to know what's in your hemp product, whether it be oil or toothpaste is to look at the lab results. 

These are exciting and hopeful times for sure, just don't get caught up in the hype. Do your research and demand lab results. It's the only way to know the quality of product you're getting. 

And, now you know there's no such thing as CBD oil. 

Until next time,

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